Women's Rewirement Group

Rewire in Community

Join this group of powerful women aspiring to something BOLDER, more authentic in their career and life. Rewirement is an identity shift where you apply the skills and strengths you’ve refined over the years to redirect, finding curiosity and enthusiasm in another area to make a greater impact personally and professionally. This group is specifically focused on supporting you in rewiring your career and mindset as you set off on the journey of becoming a business owner.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching sessions
Accountability Network
3 Individual Coaching sessions

Christa B. Downey, CPCC, PCC

Christa’s superpower is supporting others in clarifying their values and unlocking their superpowers to bring their BOLDEST vision to reality for the greatest impact and results.

Suzanne Norman, CIMA®, CPCC

Suzanne’s superpower is helping women identify a purpose after a career by drawing upon her expertise of helping women become financially empowered.

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I'm ready to be inspired and challenged by joining a group of women rewiring themselves toward a new passion, purpose, or career.