Helping clients unlock their strengths, claim their values, and determine how they want to live and lead. Together, we will get you on a path to becoming your BOLDEST, bravest self. We will design a plan specific to your needs and aspirations, whether it be leadership, finaniancial or entrepreneurial growth.

Specifically, I will help you:

  • Determine how your unique strengths affect your leadership style

  • Clarify which core values are fundamental to your authentic leadership

  • Embrace who you are at your best and bring your whole authentic self to all situations

  • Uncover and release what stands between you and your goals

  • Discover your BOLDEST vision for yourself and set actions to bring it closer to reality

  • Leverage your support network & cultivate valuable partnerships

  • Develop courage to face challenges with generous authority

After your coaching experience, you will have renewed clarity and confidence in your leadership and the vision you are working toward.

"Christa’s ability to pull ideas and solutions from me continued to amaze me. I came into this coaching thinking there were no clear answers, yet with her guidance, it all became very clear. From there a path was created and I was on my way! I cannot say enough good things about Christa’s coaching." - Corey, business owner in California

"Christa coached me for 6 months on my personal growth and career development. Every coaching session was incredibly valuable to me, as she brought unexpected insights, guided me into new directions, and sharpened my goals with clarity. Christa truly brings the best self in me with her confidence and authenticity." - Jen, aspiring entrepreneur in New York

Christa B. Downey Coaching

Lansing, NY

United States